Strength Training

Strength Training How to build muscle and power Strength training for tennis is very important and often overlooked. A great player builds his strength to be able to hit the ball with more power and pace. In addition, this player develops ball control with movements that help coordinate muscles and joints. Strength training helps prevent injury to build muscles and joints instead of putting extreme pressure on them, especially the wrists, shoulders and elbows, immediately… Read More »Strength Training

College Tennis: What I Learned

College Tennis What I learned and how it shaped my life Throughout my high school career, I had no idea where I wanted to go to college and if I wanted to play college tennis. Don’t get me wrong – I love tennis. It is a passion of mine and I was extremely motivated in high school to outwork everyone else and be the best. But, the idea of playing at the competitive college level… Read More »College Tennis: What I Learned

Nutrition Is Everything

Nutrition is Everything Tips and Tricks for Feeling Good on Court Nutrition is a key element of tennis and gameplay. Poor nutrition and high sugar intake can lead to decreased performance and well-being. It is best to have a nutrition plan. For the best performance, focus on eating grains, proteins with minimal fat, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Do not try something new the day of the match or consume foods high in sugar, fats… Read More »Nutrition Is Everything

Mental Training

Mental Training Learning to stay in control and in focus Tennis is a mental game. Whether players want to acknowledge it or not, their mindset determines how they strategize, how they move, and how they react to points. Mental toughness, or trusting your ability and yourself, is a weapon in tennis and allows players who do not lead in aces or winners to find a way to win big matches. Something to remember is that… Read More »Mental Training